ARTS-DB for rapid exploration of putative novel resistant targets

ARTS-DB is an online repository of precomputed results of Antibiotic Resistant Target Seeker (ARTS), a rapid genome mining tool for the exploration of antibiotics with interesting and novel targets. ARTS-DB supports two main searching functionalities.

Researchers can build queries in order to search for putative novel targets, via the principles of target directed genome mining approach, exploring genes which are found as duplicated, horizontally transferred or proximate to a BGC. Using direct links, users can also find corresponding ARTS and antiSMASH result pages, as well as entries from related databases for drug discovery for respective targets.

Otherwise, a model-oriented search can be made. Here, the user can search a gene of interest throughout ARTS-DB in order to find phylogenetical and statistical information about the detected ARTS hits.

Currently, ARTS-DB supports bacterial data acquired from antiSMASH database (> 20.000 genomes) and more than 50.000 metagenome assembled genomes described by Nayfach, 2020 Nature Biotechnology.